Bright Wave Marketing LLC

Are you up for the digital marketing adventure of a lifetime?

Bright Wave Marketing LLC, anchored in sunny Arizona, empowers brands with cutting-edge AI magic. Our expertise? Tailored website design, efficient email marketing, strategic social media management, compelling content, and masterful SEO – all designed to fit businesses of every scale.

We're not your usual marketers. With a mix of intuition and AI, we craft strategies that amplify your digital voice. Our focus? The iconic 7 C’s: Customer, Content, Context, Commerce, Community, Connection, and Change., ensuring every campaign hits the mark.

Bonus treat: Every package comes with a one of a kind AI crafted logo.

Steered by our core values - commitment, excellence, and genuine care - Bright Wave is more than just a service. we're your partner in illuminating the digital world. Let us turn your digital dreams into reality. So we will ask again, are you up for the digital marketing adventure of a lifetime?


Meet Dilyn Petersen, the co-founder and Operations Manager at Bright Wave Marketing. He's the driving force behind our smooth operations and efficiency. With a serious dedication to keeping our agency running like a well-oiled machine, Dilyn ensures that we stay on course while delivering top-notch results. His leadership, combined with a touch of charisma, makes Bright Wave Marketing a beacon of success in the industry!


Connor Dykstra isn't just the life of the party at Bright Wave Marketing; he's also our co-founder, Marketing Chief, and Sales Extraordinaire. He's the mastermind behind our dazzling marketing strategies and sales success, all while keeping things professional and growth-focused. Connor's boundless enthusiasm and knack for making deals keep our agency riding the wave of success!